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Landlords know that to attract and keep tenants they need to show that their residents are valued. One way to ensure this is to create on-site facilities guaranteed to boost residents’ health and wellbeing, while generating a sense of community.
Pacific Coast Village, Multi Unit Housing Gym

What sets housing apart in the mind of a tenant?

Studies have shown that 49% of potential residents consider the availability of health and wellness centres when choosing a new home. The convenience of exercise facilities right on the doorstep is a huge factor. Plus, an environment that fosters community through shared activity will build loyalty that reaps dividends for years to come. 

The expert teams at Life Fitness work with you to create cutting-edge fitness centres that complement the most prestigious multi-unit housing developments. 

Urby-19 Dutch New York

The possibilities in your property

Attractive gyms with world-class equipment and tailored spaces for group activities increase the appeal and value of your property to buyers and tenants, maximising your ROI while improving the health of your residents. 

Adapting to your space, budget and design needs, Life Fitness will work with you to create blended gyms catering to every level of fitness. Our expertise ensures that both beginners and experts feel motivated, engaged and part of the community. 

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