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The Fitness Opportunity

A growing interest in fitness and wellness is creating huge opportunities for the hospitality industry. At Life Fitness, we help you make the most of it by meeting your guests’ needs.
Here’s how.

What fitness facilities do your guests expect?

More and more people are prioritizing caring for their health – at home, at work, and when travelling. A basic hotel gym is no longer enough. Guests now expect well-equipped workout spaces and wellness facilities, plus additional services such as workout tracking, on-demand training, and daily hotel gym workout suggestions.

Here’s the good news, with increased expectations comes an increased willingness to spend.


Guests are calling for it, we can help you deliver.

A recent study reported that 78% of travellers would pay more for personal workout spaces in hotels. Another showed that 47% of people listed wellness as a top motivator for travel in 2021.

What’s more, international wellbeing tourists spend 35% more on average than the typical international tourist because they are willing to pay for amenities that support their health and wellbeing.

Life Fitness partners with the hospitality industry to offer delightful wellbeing fitness solutions. These range from the best hotel gyms as part of larger fitness spaces to in-room workout options. Our goal is to help you meet the demands of your guests and reach the top of the list as a place to stay.

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Ready to Enhance Your Guest Experience & Improve RevPAR?

Contact one of our Hospitality Reps to see how we can partner with you to meet your customers’ wellbeing and fitness needs during their stay​.
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