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Antwerp, Belgium



3000 Sq. m.

Classes per week


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Sportclub Het Eiland



Sportclub Het Eiland was founded roughly 10 years ago by two brothers fueled by a passion for sports. It’s the home base to 7 sports concepts and one community. Being part of the community is the club's guiding principle, to be part of something bigger, a winning team.

The assortment of classes consists of Bodyfit, Yoga & Pilates, Urban Cross Workouts, Cycling, Power Hour, Boxing & Impact X (personal training program). They offer 117 classes per week and can accommodate up to 25 members per class. "Our classes are very popular; they are frequently fully booked during the evenings!

The friendliness of the crew, the unbeatable coaches, the positive vibe the insatiable desire to level up is what characterizes them. The atmosphere within the club is a balance of casual, cool, raw and urban. The club continuously renews itself and its programming. “We're never done and we have a lot of fun doing it!"


"For us, fitness is like friendship - a basic human need - and we are in a privileged position to provide for both. They determine self-image and the more we invest in them, the happier we make our members. Het Eiland takes care of its crew and its members. We are a no-nonsense community based on a love of sports, respect, and transparency.

Their community stretches from the workouts to the Warehouse, to BBQs and beyond. A place where our members can feel at home and without being judged. It is a place where members feel comfortable and connected, trusted and informed. We appreciate and support each other. As athletes and as human beings."