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Moss Pedal & Performance - Cardio Scene
Moss, Norway


About the club


Located 60km south of Oslo, Moss Padel & Performance (Moss PP+) provides the perfect training environment for padel. As well as 7+1 padel courts, top padel coaches, and a professional in-club padel store, Moss PP+ also offers a Hammer Strength training area designed to improve players’ athletic performance and build future champions.
Moss Pedal & Performance - Room Scene



Padel in Norway has surged in popularity in the last 5 years, with the number of clubs increasing 181% according to Monitor Deloitte and Playtomic.

This phenomenal growth was the ideal setup for the manager of Moss PP+, a top-10 ranked padel player who saw the opportunity for a winning shot: creating the perfect padel training environment that would bring players to the next level.

But creating a truly high-quality club isn’t a singles game. That’s why Moss PP+ partnered with Life Fitness to design a premium training space, with Hammer Strength at its center.

Moss Pedal & Performance - Cardio Side View


The resulting facility offers outstanding quality and a complete training experience.
Players from beginners to pros can access everything they need to raise their game.
At the heart of Moss PP+ is a Hammer Strength area that helps build future champions by improving their athletic performance.
Moss Pedal & Performance - HS Strength


The Offering

Moss PP+ gives players ample spaces to play and train plus retail and recreation options.

  • 7+1 indoor padel courts with 11-meter-high ceilings
  • Professional in-club padel store
  • Professional coaching
  • 4 Trackman virtual golf simulators provide a unique and realistic experience with more than 100 courses to choose from
  • Cardio zone and strength zone — carefully designed to be the perfect complement for padel players. They support padel training with warm-ups, injury prevention and recovery, and help improve abilities such as strength, agility, and endurance.
Design elements, lighting & music

Discover a unique experience

Red LED Lighting and the red/black color combination of the equipment and fitness spaces creates a premium, high-quality look and feel.
Moss Pedal & Performance - Cardio Scene

Cardio zone

The Equipment

For this area, the team chose Life Fitness Integrity equipment with SE3HD consoles, which have a modern, inviting look and offer the best cardio training experience in the market.

Cutting-edge connectivity: the SE3HD console offers the latest connectivity and entertainment options, including Life Fitness On Demand.

Biomechanics: the bases are designed to provide the best biomechanics for athletes. For example, the FlexDeck technology on the treadmill provides a running surface that reduces joint stress and reduces the risk of ankle injury for padel players.

As well as the traditional cardio equipment, Moss Padel & Performance also has several IC8 indoor cycling bikes on the gym floor. IC8 bikes provide a top-of-the-line cycling experience that includes efficient biomechanics, real-time performance data and connectivity features.

Huge video displays in the cardio zone allow people to follow in real-time the games that are happening in the padel courts of the facility.

Moss Pedal & Performance - OHSTC Sign

Building Champions with Hammer Strength

The Equipment

With this new installation, Moss PP+ becomes the 20th Official Hammer Strength Training Center in Norway.

In this case, the club designed a space that works both for fitness enthusiasts as well as for the padel players.

  • Three HD Athletic Half Racks dominate the free weights areas, providing a safe and versatile area for athletes to improve their strength and explosiveness. This is complemented with selected pieces from the Hammer Strength plate loaded line, plus benches and free weights to maximize training possibilities for athletes.
  • The strength area also includes a cable-motion area, with a combination of Life Fitness Axiom equipment and Life Fitness Multi Jungles.

All of the strength equipment has an elegant yet powerful black finish that complements and enhances the facility’s aesthetic appeal.

Moss Pedal & Performance - Multi Jungle



In an area surrounded by gyms, Moss PP+ stands out thanks to its evident quality and unique offering. New membership is increasing rapidly toward the target of 500+, and existing players are going beyond the padel courts and into the cardio and strength training areas to improve their abilities and athleticism. A young professional Padel coach from Spain has also joined the Moss PP+ team, giving members a further performance push.

In partnership with Life Fitness, Moss PP+ is a clear winner.

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