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Hammer Strength

Glute Ham / Reverse Hyper Combo

The Hammer Strength Glute Ham / Reverse Hyper Combo is a dual-function machine created for posterior chain training.  Designed with a single pivot adjustment, this machine allows for a fast and simple set up and an easy transition from athlete to athlete for both movements.  Fewer moving parts means better structural rigidity and a better feel.

Key Features:

•  Dual-functioning design helps maximize space by allowing for glute ham and reverse hyper movements to be performed in a single machine

•  Single pivot adjustment utilizes an arc to accommodate both user height and degree of exercise difficulty

•  Dual pendulum arms increase training variety for reverse hyper movement by allowing both uni-lateral and bi-lateral training

•  Two large center pads designed to increase comfort for both movements

• Comes standard with two reverse hyper ankle straps

Technical Specifications

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